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Our Consultation Services Comprise Of

Business Expansion Planning

We help companies to plan their business expansion according to their business goals. With proper planning, we can ensure that the expansion is done in the most effective way with growth in profits.

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Performance Management System 

Our consultants help organisations improve on company performance and maximise growth, primarily by analysing existing organisational problems and then developing plans for improvement.

Merger & Acquisition

Professional knowledge of mergers & acquisitions is essential for a company to acquire its potential investment value, identify a suitable company for the union, or find the right investment project. Our consultants assist in:

  1. Evaluation of your company or independent investment project

  2. Coordination of negotiation between clients and professionals on financing terms and methods

  3. Preparation of confidential information memorandum

  4. Execution of investigative Due Diligence

  5. Legal advice from corporate lawyers

  6. Conduct search for suitable investors as an intermediary

  7. Design of the most influential corporate structure and tax planning

Pre-IPO Planning

For companies who would like to consider IPO, our consultants provide advice on:

  1. Listing requirements and assessment of the company’s competency

  2. Development of strategies to fulfil listing requirements

  3. Corporate restructuring for listing purposes

  4. Selection of suitable strategic investors

  5. Financial and information system review for risk assessment

  6. Appropriate IPO timing and structure

  7. Coordination with related professional experts

  8. Drafting and review of IPO-related documents or agreements.

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