Consultation Services

Business Growth Consulting

Solcredence provides a comprehensive range of consultation services with the objective of accelerating your business growth. Depending on company needs, we will recommend the services most suited to your current company situation.

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Business model development & review 

A business model determines the success or failure of a corporation. Our consultants provide consulting on identifying sources of revenue, the intende...

Business expansion planning

We help companies to plan their business expansion according to their business goals. With proper planning, we can ensure that the expansion is done i...

Operational consulting

We look into the operations of our clients and fine-tune on their processes to ensure efficiency and effectiveness. Then, standard operation procedure...

Management consulting

Our consultants help organisations improve on company performance and maximize growth, primarily through the analysis of existing organisational probl...

Team development
(Human Resources) 

With a strong team, your employees can help to execute the business growth plan that is set in place. We have a team assessment system which is scient...

Chain of business & Franchise System Development 

For those who prefer to build their brands and expand rapidly through having multiple outlets or franchising, our consultants provide guidance in deve...

Merger & Acquisition

Corporate Finance consulting

Our consultants analyse your accounting and financial statements to plan your business growth according to your business goals. After analysis, they w...

Pre-IPO Planning

Professional knowledge of Merger & Acquisition is essential for a company to acquire its potential investment value, identify the suitable company for...