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Some of the major achievements by our consultants 我们顾问的一些主要成就:

  • Helped an Interior Design and Construction company to improve company performance, optimize their company resources and employee efficiency. Initially, they were only able to take in projects up to a value of RM 2 million due to some obstacles. After SolCredence consultant team intervention, they are now able to cope with projects of a RM 100 million value with the same resources as before. Our consultants helped the company redesign its positioning, revamp its business model, improve on its marketing strategy, put management systems in place, analyse its company operations, provide plans for improvement and record best practices as Standard Operating Procedures. 

帮助一家室内设计及建筑公司提高公司绩效,优化公司资源和员工效率。起初,由于一些营运上的障碍,他们只能参与价值RM2百万的项目。在SolCredence顾问团队的介入后,他们现在可以用与以前相同的资源来应付价值RM 1亿的项目。我们的顾问帮助了公司重新设计定位,改进商业模式,改进营销策略,建立管理体系,分析公司运营,提供改进计划,并将最佳实践记录为标准操作程序。

  • Assisted a Malaysian wood coating manufacturer with global presence to achieve an annual turnover of RM 50 million, when it was ready for listing, from an annual turnover of RM 6 million. 


  • Set up franchise system for a well-known food retail brand which originated from Malaysia. The franchise has obtained more than 16 master franchisees overseas and their total outlets have exceeded 1000 worldwide. It has successfully penetrated new markets in Turkey, Egypt, UAE, Singapore, Hong Kong, Germany and China. Our consultant have also contributed to growing the business to an annual turnover of RM 30 million from an annual turnover of RM 9 million. 

为来自马来西亚的知名食品零售品牌设立特许经营制度。该特许经营权在海外已获得16个以上的特许加盟商,在全球的店铺总数已超过1000间。它已成功打入土耳其,埃及,阿联酋,新加坡,香港,德国和中国的市场。 我们的顾问也帮助他们从RM 900万的年营业额增加到RM 3000万。

  • Helped a food retail chain to achieve business growth by diversifying their business to include distribution of products to not only their own chains but is currently a major supplier to many restaurants and food and beverage outlets. 


  • Provide consulting to a property developer who wants to diversify into the hospitality business. Their first project involves one of Malaysia‘s biggest clubhouse, which has hotel, different themed F&B outlets, spa, cigar lounge, game lounge, KTV, gym and various sport facilities in one premise. Our consultants helped to develop their initial pre-opening team of 10 person into a 300 person strong team. Systems were put in place, best practices were analysed and recorded to ensure smooth operations, utmost customer service and best in quality. 


  • Provided Pre-IPO planning to a UK based palm oil company with presence in Malaysia and Indonesia. The company was successfully listed on the London Stock Exchange AIM and we continue to provide financial advice to the company. 


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