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Specialization: Pre-IPO planning, Investment Analysis, Corporate Restructuring, Acquisition and Merging, Tax planning and GST implementation, Corporate Strategy development


  • Accounts and Corporate Finance Consultant of SolCredence Business Mgmt Solutions Sdn Bhd (Singapore & Malaysia) 会计及企业财务顾问

  • Corporate and Financial advisor for SEA – listed UK MP Evans Group公司和财务顾问

  • Alternate Director & Joint Company Secretary for Bertam Properties董事及联席公司秘书

  • Regional Financial Director of UK Listed Tarsus Group PLC区域财务总监

  • Certified Public Accountant (CPA) 注册会计师

  • Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) 注册金融分析师

  • Chartered Accountant (CA) 特许会计师

  • Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) 工商管理学硕士

Kevin Khoo plays an important role especially for our clients whose company goal is to be listed on the stock exchange. His vast experience on Corporate Finance and Pre-IPO planning allows our consultants to plan the business growth of our clients with public listing in mind. This will ensure that all requirements and financial aspect of IPO will be taken care of.


He has been in the Corporate Finance for more than 25 years and is a fully qualified Chartered Accountants. He has helped many International corporations to list in Malaysia and even on Overseas stock exchange. Some of the companies using his services range from palm oil conglomerates to property developers to media companies, of which continued with his Finance Consulting Services Post-IPO.


He is also a Corporate Advisor and Financial Director to a few listed companies, as well as to various companies in Malaysia and Indonesia.

Kevin Khoo对于想要上市的客户扮演着重要顾问的角色。他在企业财务和上市前规划方面的丰富经验使我们的顾问能够妥善地计划以上市为目标的企业扩展。这将确保上市的所有要求和财务方面的需要都得到关注。


他已经在企业财务业超过25年,是一个完全合格的特许会计师。他曾帮助多家国际公司在马来西亚甚至海外证券交易所上市。一些使用他服务的公司包括棕榈油集团,房地产开发商和媒体公司,在上市后都继续他的财务咨询服务 。他还是几间上市公司的企业顾问和财务总监。

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