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Specialization: Talent Team Development, Performance Management, Management System, People Management. 专业领域:人才团队建设,绩效管理,管理制度,人才管理

  • Operations and HR Consultant of SolCredence Business Mgmt Solutions Sdn Bhd (Singapore & Malaysia) 企业营运及人力资源顾问

  • Human Resources Consultant to GTM Group 人力资源顾问

  • Human Resources Consultant to Tekmark Group 人力资源顾问

  • Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) 工商管理学硕士

Doreen Khoo has more than 10 years’ experience in both Multi-national corporations and Small Medium Enterprises, which makes her well-versed with the overall business environment. She specialises in Operations and HR consulting which are key areas in determining a company’s success in its business growth.


Over the years of being a consultant, she has helped companies analyse and provide recommendations to strengthen their team. By analysing employees’ common sense, work performance and team dynamics with our scientifically proven assessment tool, she is able to accurately place the right people at the right position.  This has resulted in improvements in motivation levels and therefore a hike in employee’s individual performance and also company performance.


Alongside other consultants, Doreen also plays an important role in guiding companies to develop their team according to the business growth plans which are set in place.


She is also an expert in streamlining procedures and identifying best practices for companies to ensure that they have not only some standard operating procedures in place, but procedures that are able to improve its employees’ efficiency, effectiveness and product/service quality.

Doreen Khoo 在跨国公司和中小企业有超过10年的经验,这使她对整体商业环境非常熟悉。她擅长企业营运及人力资源咨询,这两项是确定企业扩展的关键。



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