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  • Business Growth Consulting 企业扩展咨询

Solcredence provides a comprehensive range of consultation services with the objective of accelerating your business growth. Depending on company needs, we will recommend the services most suited to your current company situation.

  1. Business model development & review 商业模式的发展和审查

A business model determines the success or failure of a corporation. Our consultants provide consulting on identifying sources of revenue, the intended customer base, products, and details of financing.

    2. Business expansion planning 企业扩展策划

We help companies to plan their business expansion according to their business goals. With proper planning, we can ensure that the expansion is done in the most effective way with growth in profits.


    3. Operational consulting 营运咨询

We look into the operations of our clients and fine-tune on their processes to ensure efficiency and effectiveness. Then, standard operation procedures are developed to record best practices to ensure consistency and excellence across the whole organisation, especially those with multiple locations.


     4. Management consulting 管理咨询

Our consultants help organisations improve on company performance and maximise growth, primarily through the analysis of existing organisational problems and then develop plans for improvement.

    5. Team development (Human Resources) 建立团队

With a strong team, your employees can help to execute the business growth plan that is set in place. We have a team assessment system which is scientifically proven in its accuracy in assessing the common sense and performance of an employee. It can be used to assess the strength of your team and our consultants provide recommendations on placing your employees in the most suitable positions in order to have a winning team in place. It is not only important for your team to execute the plans in place but also to sustain the growth of the company.


    6.  Chain of business & Franchise System Development 连锁店及专营权系统发展

For those who prefer to build their brands and expand rapidly through having multiple outlets or franchising, our consultants provide guidance in developing a chain of business/franchise system which revolves around pre-expansion and post-expansion planning, management, audit process and relevant training programmes.

     7. Corporate Finance consulting 企业财务咨询

Our consultants analyse your accounting and financial statements to plan your business growth according to your business goals. After analysis, they will be able to point out areas of improvements and then strategise the best way of expansion accordingly. If needed, our consultants will give guidance on streamlining your reporting requirements, accounting functions and also the good accounting practices to be implemented.

  •  Pre-IPO Planning上市前规划

For companies who would like to consider IPO, our consultants provide advice on:

  • Listing requirements and assessment of the company’s competency

  • Development of strategies to fulfil listing requirements

  • Corporate restructuring for listing purposes

  • Selection of suitable strategic investors

  • Financial and information system review for risk assessment

  • Suitable IPO timing and structure

  • Coordination with related professional experts

  • Drafting and review of IPO-related documents or agreements.

  • Merger & Acquisition收购与合并

Professional knowledge of Merger & Acquisition is essential for a company to acquire its potential investment value, identify the suitable company for merger or finding the right investment project. Our consultants provide assistance in:

  • Evaluation of your company or independent investment project

  • Coordination of negotiation between clients and professionals on financing terms and methods

  • Preparation of confidential information memorandum

  • Execution of investigative Due Diligence

  • Legal advice from corporate lawyers

  • Conduct search for suitable investors as an intermediary

  • Design of the most effective corporate structure and tax planning

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