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SolCredence Business Mgmt Solutions Sdn Bhd was established in 2012 by its founders who had a vision to guide Small & Medium Enterprise (SME) strive towards Business Operations and Management Excellence. SolCredence plays a fundamental role in


  • providing solutions and improvements on operational issues

  • being a support partner for business expansion & growth plans


SolCredence first set up its offices in Malaysia and subsequently expanded its services into Singapore. The company has been growing steadily and has offices in Penang, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore.


Starting out as business management consultants, SolCredence diversified, constantly following the market trends. It constantly expands its in house expertise and enlarge its scope of consultancy services to benefit its clients.


SolCredence has now established its reputation as a leading business growth consulting firm, providing innovative business growth strategies and ideas for businesses to manage, develop and ultimately grow their businesses. SolCredence also provides growth capital for companies who need funding to grow their business. SolCredence helps corporations with all-rounded growth consulting and funding services encompassing business model, business expansion plans, franchise system development, operational consulting, management consulting, Pre-IPO planning, merger & acquisition, accounts and finance consulting and human resources consulting.


SolCredence Business Mgmt Solutions Sdn Bhd 在2012年成立。SolCredence 在以下领域扮演着重要的角色:


  • 在运营问题上提供解决方案和改进的计划

  • 成为要扩展的企业的主要合作伙伴


SolCredence 先在马来西亚设立了办事处,随后把业务扩展到新加坡。公司一直稳步发展,在槟城,吉隆坡和新加坡都设有办事处。SolCredence刚起步时是以管理顾问咨询为主。后来,公司的服务开始多元化来追随市场趋势。SolCredence不断扩大内部顾问的专业知识,扩大咨询服务范围来造福客户。


SolCredence已成功建立公司声誉为领先的企业扩展顾问公司,为客户提供创新的企业扩展战略和想法,好让客户可以成功地管理,发展及最终扩展他们的企业。SolCredence还为需要资金来发展业务的公司提供资本。SolCredence 提供最全方位的企业扩展咨询服务。这包括:商业模式,企业扩展策划,专营权系统发展,企业营运咨询,企业管理咨询,上市前规划,收购与合并,会计及财务咨询和人力资源咨询。


Our Vision is to become the preferred Consultancy partner to our clients to provide guidance and consulting services tailored to suit our clients’ business needs at every stage of their business growth.




Our mission is to provide practical business growth solutions that are economically feasible to our portfolio of local and international clientele, thereby enabling them to position themselves as the market leader in their industry of choice.



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