Advisory Board

Our esteemed Advisory Board members at SolCredence consists of a combination of numerous high-powered executives of both gender; each and every one of them possessing extensive knowledge and experiences in various fields, ranging from Business Management & Finance, Marketing to Engineering in order to enable our company to offer a comprehensive global business solutions to our esteemed clientele.


We are honoured to welcome aboard this charismatic group of individuals who by themselves have formed a dynamic team to lend their expertise in their area of specialty concerning business growth strategies. With their extensive knowledge and vast experience, we are convinced that we will be able to come up with the best solution to suit our clients’ requirements each time.


MR. ANTHONY LIM (Six Sigma Black Belter trainer)

Advisor for Supply Chain Management & Customer Relation Management

A very imposing and aggressive result-oriented individual, Mr S.C Lim, is a fully qualified Six Sigma black-belter and has over 15 years of working experiences heading a few multi-national companies as well as overseeing an entire gamut of operations.

In SolCredence, his portfolio of responsibilities covers Supply Chain Management and Customer Relation Management along with the task of recommending the appropriate business growth strategies for our clients.  We are sure that his sound advices and ideas would prove very much invaluable. With his pro-active and can-do attitude, the sky is the limit for him.



Advisor for Business Development, Administration & Human Resource Training

Additionally, we have also on board a strong and dynamic female senior management executive who by herself has over 10 years experience in the business industry.

Her areas of responsibilities encompass Administration & HR training; both of which are key areas in our objective to offer customised global business solutions to our vast clientele. Well renowned for her determination and unwavering focus to the task at hand, Doreen is indeed a treasured advisor and a force to be reckoned with.



Advisor for Accounts, Corporate Finance & Commercial

We too, have another impressionable male persona whose knowledge on Corporate Finances is as in-depth as it is varied. From small SMEs to big corporations, his wide knowledge encompasses huge areas of finances in various industries. He has been in the field for more than 23 years and is a fully qualified Chartered Accountant.
He is in charge of the Accounts, Corporate Finance & Commercial aspects at SolCredence. With his pragmatic ideas and solutions, we are assured that he would be able to provide more than adequate advices on financial consulting which are in line with the recommended business growth strategies for our clients.


MR.  A.L KHOO (Master in Engineering)

Advisor for Engineering & Supply Quality

We also extend our warm welcome to a talented male who possesses an overall of 20 years of working experience in the Engineering field. He brings with him vast experience and we believe that his input will prove to be extremely valuable when it comes to integrating the global business solutions framework.

He is responsible for the Engineering & Supply Quality portfolio. Possessing the sharp business acumen of a hawk, he has honed his skills in handling the technicalities that comes with this business especially when it comes to performing supplier audits and approving supply quality.


Finally, we would like to record our appreciation to a group of dedicated staff who forms a robust supporting team that work tirelessly and are the driving force to ensure that all projects are completed and delivered on time.

Despite coming from different and varied backgrounds, all employees of SolCredence possess one thing in common that makes them a dynamic team they are today. And that is their steadfast belief in our company motto of “Positive makes Possible”. Thus, with their cohesion, we are able to achieve our goal in offering you a complete global business solutions package.

We are ever ready to lend our assistance and expertise to you. Please drop us an e-mail at