Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the advantages of business management services provided by SolCredence?

Amongst the benefits that you will receive are:

  • A cost effective business management system that is tailored to the growth of your business.
  • Professional and experienced management & support team to bring your management system to a more mature level.
  • Mind sharing with the professional or experts who are at pulse with the local market.
  • Highly capable management team who provide management consultancy for your unique business structure.

2. What is Solcredence’s business objective?

With our innovative business growth strategies, one of our main objectives is to progress along with our clients’ business directions and together be the lead in the business industry.

3. What can Solcredence offer?

The scope of business management services being offered comprises the following:

  • Management Consultancy Solutions – Operations Management; Accounting & Finance Management System Processes; People Management & Administration
  • Franchise System Development
  • Corporate Finance

4. How well verse is Solcredence towards the market requirements?

With an overall of 50 years accumulated working experiences, believe our experienced Advisory Board team members are well equipped in providing relevant management solutions for your business.

5. Is Solcredence able to cater for a comprehensive service?

We welcome any enquiry which relates to the services that we offer and we endeavour to come up with the most appropriate business management solutions or growth strategies, that best suit your management requirements.

6. Where is Solcredence located?

Malaysia and Singapore.

7. Does Solcredence cater for small business entity?

We extend the same level of courtesy and professionalism to any client of ours regardless of their organisation size.

8. How would Solcredence keep clients informed of clients’ business progress and result of each task?

All clients will be given an update on the progressions of the project. The regularity of reporting shall be determined by the clients and subject to  the length of each project.

9. What industry does Solcredence represent?

We choose to represent 3 major classes of products in our effort to offer more comprehensive global management solutions for our clientele: Industrial products, Medical products and Consumer products.
However, we would only represent products that are complementary to each other. This means that no two products that we represent shall be competing with each other. Therefore, as our client, you can be assured that we will not be representing for your competitor.