Consultancy Services – Operations

Companies are well aware of the importance of shifting priorities and strategies given the increasing external challenges such as:

  • Intensified global competition
  • Increased volatility in demands and complexity in demand patterns
  • Higher operating costs pressure
  • Higher customer expectations
  • More stringent regulatory compliance


Business priorities shape and transform a company’s mission and direction in today’s business landscape.

With that in mind, SolCredence strives to assist companies achieve operational excellence by driving improvements in essentially significant functions revolving around supply chain management system.


Supply Chain Management (SCM)

Supply chain system is an integrated approach which involves continuous flow of raw materials, work-in-progress inventories and finished goods from origin point to end user.  Activities within supply chain comprises of supply-demand planning, sourcing & procurement, logistics, warehousing & inventory management.

Having a top-notch supply chain management gives small and medium businesses (SMEs) the competitive edge as it allows customer requests to be fulfilled effectively and efficiently. SolCredence aims to provide SCM solutions for companies that are intent on driving sustainability and customer loyalty.  We believe in the concept of redesign for value where we will undertake a review on the existing chain, collect the relevant data and seek to understand business model and fundamental drivers.

For most industries, product reliability is a key driver for product satisfaction.  Therefore, in developing an effective and efficient supply chain, we will analyse significant factors such as labour and distribution costs, materials availability as well as customers’ perception.  Such analysis will enable us to redesign your SC strategy, demand planning and management, procurement and strategic sourcing, distribution and logistics.  Green SC model is getting attention more now than ever with customer corporations which adopts CSR initiatives due to growing awareness on environmental issues.

An important element in the SC process, inventory management is a good practice which should be implemented in every business.  Proper inventory management strategy can result in increased revenue, lower holding costs as well as improves cash flows.  SolCredence can provide solutions in terms of :

  • Maintaining optimal inventory levels

             ~ planning / controlling sufficient stock-holding to ensure product availability

  •  Implementing strategy which supports more organised warehouse to help company better manage the inventories

             ~ in turn this expedites order fulfilment process and create happy loyal customers; hence more business volume

  • Improving efficiency & productivity

             ~ a good inventory system tracks stock movement diligently and therefore, enhances stock balances accuracy.

             ~ company staff can save time-consuming efforts for recounts arising from unnecessary stock errors /


             ~ company staff can also save money by minimising the needs to stock up on slow moving products