Consultancy Services – Human Resources & Administration


SolCredence believes in valuing your company’s most valuable assets ~ your employees!  Companies need to fully recognise the fact that the best performing employees are the driving force behind business outcomes.  Your people are the business front-liners who build client bases and loyalty, deliver excellent products / services of your company and ultimately, accomplish growth and profits.

In building a loyal, competent and healthy workforce, SolCredence aims to provide people management solutions in terms of:

  • analysis & planning of personnel needs
  • recruitment & retention of talents/capable employees
  • managing of remunerations, compensation, benefits & incentives programs
  • staff empowerment & delegation of duties
  • orientations & training programs for continuous learning and development initiatives
  • periodic performance review and dual-feedback communication for staff improvement and succession plans
  • motivational and reward initiatives to boost staff morale and increase productivity
  • clear communication of company directions, visions & missions
  • maintain healthy & safety aspects of the workplace


Employees who feel valued for their meaningful contribution will strive together with the company in overcoming tough competition and business challenges, thus ensuring continuous growth and sustainability in the long run.

In addition, SolCredence offers solutions on administration aspect that supports the smooth running and robust HR operations.  We assist in implementing good practices for proper managing of records and developing systematic & user-friendly filing systems which lead to beneficial impacts for your internal operations.