Consultancy Services – Accounting & Finance


“Enhancing true understanding of numbers in your business”

Financial Management Systems

A reliable Financial Management Systems is imperative in helping companies accomplish the big financial picture and objectives.  Information derived from business financial systems enable management to manage proactively in terms of:

  • achieve financing needs for business expansion
  • provide financial planning info & disclosure for stakeholders
  • strategic decision making for improving short term & long term business goals
  • reviewing investment needs of capital expenditure
  • enhance profit margin with effective pricing strategies, reductions in cost of goods sold (vendor prices, labour cost, transportation etc), controlling selling & administrative expenditures
  • financial analysis & ratios which give overview of corporate financial performance
  • employee benefits planning
  • tax planning

Any growth-oriented business would truly require having an effective FMS that not only maximises profitability but also enables development and sustainability. SolCredence has the breadth of knowledge & understanding to provide solutions in streamlining financial reporting needs and automating manual input tasks in order to reduce manpower cost, shorten reporting cycle and enhance accuracy of financial figures.



“Best practices for internal accounting processes promotes consistency and effectiveness”

Accounting Process

Whether the objective is to increase efficiency of back-end operations, safeguard company assets, enhance data integrity or regulatory compliance, continuous review and improvement of internal controls and accounting policies & procedures are essential to ensure that the accounting function of an organisation is smooth.

Looking to improve the volume of your monthly collection? Are your corporate assets properly managed and controlled?  Worried that your cash ledger balances and physical cash on hand not tally?  Is your Bank reconciliation not in order? Receive frequent supplier’s complaints on inaccurate or slow payments?

This is where Solcredence can step in to assess your existing Finance operations and recommend best practices that be implemented to add value and optimize back-end resources for your organisation. Amongst the basic accounting procedures that we can enhance comprise of:

  • Revenue process

            ~ recognition and verification of income types

  •  Collection process

            ~ establish billing terms and receipt methods

            ~ manage receivables (establish credit policy, monitor & follow up on settlements, debt recovery process)

  • Payment process(procure-to-pay cycle)

            ~ adherence to matching of completed documents (duly approved invoices / delivery orders

                / purchase orders

            ~ maintain reliable vendors’ information database

            ~ optimize suppliers’ credit terms in planning & processing payments

  •   Closing process (record-to-report cycle)

            ~ manage timely closing of accounts activities

            ~ ensure journals are properly raised, reviewed and approved

            ~ perform monthly reconciliations on intercompany accounts, bank balances, fixed assets,

                payables, receivables, other balance sheet accounts

            ~ management reporting and variance analysis

  •  Fixed Asset management

            ~ establish procedure for the purchase of fixed assets to ensure proper requisition process

               and justification in line with Capex budget and management approval

            ~ safeguard company assets through proper tagging and annual asset verification

            ~ complete document trail for tracking of asset additions, disposals, transfers

            ~ review necessity/adequacy of insurance coverage for big-ticket asset items