Business Solutions


SolCredence comprises business entities which focus on:

  • Management Consultancy Services
  • Franchise Development System
  • Corporate Finance Services

Management Consultancy Services

(a) Why the need for Management Consultancy Services?

Present day businesses face heavy challenges in terms of uncertain economy outlook, rapidly changing market conditions and ever rising operational costs.  As such, SME business owners or stakeholders are constantly looking for ways to optimize resources in striving to achieve higher profit margins.

This is where SolCredence can play a part in enhancing business value to SME organisations ~ by being your dedicated consulting service partner/associate.  Our aim is to help companies improve productivity, efficiency and profitability through streamlining of its internal operation systems and processes.  Ultimately, to achieve long term business success and sustainability, innovative best practices and transformations are imperatives.

 (b) What is our work approach?

SolCredence works in transparent collaboration with client companies to understand the business operations, systems and processes in accomplishing clients’ visions.  Leveraging on our research and industry knowledge database resource, we adopt fact-based approach to devise effective system solutions that are best aligned to client’s strategic objectives.  We will then work closely with client companies to implement best practices and solutions specifically tailored to clients’ needs.

(c) Where is our focus?

Our consultancy service concentrates on three core segments:

  • Operations

** supply chain management – sourcing, purchasing, logistics, inventory management

  • Accounting & Finance Management

** automation of accounting process to reduce reliance on manual labour

** enhanced quality of financial reporting for more informed decision-making

** streamline procedures for tightening of internal controls and monitoring

** retention of compliance documents

  • Human Resources & General Administration

** manpower planning needs & cost / budget

** selection & recruitment process

** staff compensation & benefits (C&B) process

** staff retention programme

** efficient office management

(d) How do we go about?

Our consulting process commences with a clear and thorough fact-finding exercise via system audits to garner an overall understanding of the company’s business goals, objectives and background.

The flowchart below depicts a summarised procedure of how our management consultancy service entails: